A Translation of Black Myth: Wukong — Compendium of Creatures

The most hyped videogame release of this year might just be Black Myth: Wukong, a Chinese action RPG set in the fantasy world of Journey to the West. To improve my Chinese and be able to fully immerse myself in the game on release, I've been consuming anything I can find about it online. During public demos last year, players screen-captured a lore book called yǐng shén tú (影神图), an illustrated compendium of supernatural enemies encountered in one of the game's regions, Purple Cloud Mountain (紫云山). Here, I've translated the available compendium entries from the original blog post, with some help from ChatGPT.

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One Thousand and One Hobbies

Since quarantine days, I’ve picked up a lot of hobbies. And if you know me, you know I’m not overselling myself — try surfing, archery, sporting clays, golf, coral reef aquarium-keeping, climbing, skateboarding, skiing, and travel for a start…

Why? Full reasons unclear, but at least a combination of pure impulsiveness and a desire to challenge myself and become a more versatile person.

Along the way, I’ve survived some self-discovery and learned a lot about the process of learning. This post should hopefully spark some interest in my diverse activities and provide insights on how to pick up and enjoy new skills.

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I, Not Robot

This original short story — about a rogue AI living in an Amazon-like datacenter — was inspired by brilliant research from several of my classmates at the MIT AI Lab during my undergrad. They showed the world that “machine learning” could just as easily be hacked as any other computer system, with fascinating consequences.

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The Ultimate Low-Budget Ergonomic Hacker Battlestation

New year, new job, and now an all-new battlestation setup! You might know that I have an obsession with ergonomics and productivity boosting, and now that I’ve finally moved out of college dorm rooms, I went all out and painstakingly customized my work station to fulfill all my needs.

What’s even better, I did it on a low budget without any compromises. I really hit the sweet spot of cost effectiveness — either buying top-of-the-line when it was worth it, or getting better value from mid-tier products. The total came out to just under $2k and has absolutely everything you might want for maximum comfort during long hacking sessions.

In this post, I’ll break down the process of constructing my battlestation by discussing each component and giving tips on how to find the right equipment for yourself.

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Investing in a Good Note-Taking Application

Perhaps the best investment that you could make in your own learning, knowledge retention, and organization is a good note-taking application. Over the years, I’ve dumped all of my accumulated knowledge about computer science, security, and technology into various note-taking apps, ensuring that I can easily recall information from the thousands of different sources that I’ve found useful.

This post will be a general braindump of the factors behind choosing a note-taking app, a shameless plug for my favorite one, Quiver, and an explanation of how I use a note-taking app effectively.

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Time-Travel Debugging in PANDA

During a weekend hackathon with some of the Lincoln Lab maintainers of PANDA, I implemented a really useful feature — time-travel debugging!

As has been discussed in Ret2Systems’ great blog post, time-travel debugging is an invaluable tool in the reverse engineer’s arsenal. While Mozilla’s brilliant rr is the dominant choice for Linux user binaries and WinDBG Preview works on Windows binaries, PANDA can debug user and kernel space on both systems.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about the simple design behind reverse-execution and demonstrate its utility in root-causing a Linux kernel n-day.

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DEF CON Quals 2018: It's a Me

Category: pwnable      |      Points: 124      |      Solves: 49      |      Challenge files

> checksec mario
[*] '/home/raywang/ctf/DEFCONQ2018/mario'
Arch: amd64-64-little
Stack: Canary found
NX: NX enabled
PIE: PIE enabled


This is a classic C++ menu challenge that features a UAF and heap overflow with a vtable pointer overwrite. The main heap techniques involve using a free unsorted bin chunk to leak a libc and heap address, as well as some feng shui to place an object in an overflow-able region on the heap. fortenforge, qzqxq, and I combined to reverse the binary and discover the 3 separate vulnerabilities.

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My Favorite Films of All Time

I discovered my interest in film at the start of college. As an arts reviewer for The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper, I had the luxury of attending advance press screenings of big-name films like Suicide Squad and the final Hobbit film. But more importantly, my reviews cultivated an appreciation for the medium and an insatiable desire to experience all it had to offer. Since then, I’ve devoured films of all genres and eras, directors and actors, cinematographers and writers.

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