Matasano Crypto Challenges, Set 2

Challenge 9 Implement PKCS#7 padding

As the challenge states, “A block cipher transforms a fixed-sized block (usually 8 or 16 bytes) of plaintext into ciphertext. But we almost never want to transform a single block; we encrypt irregularly-sized messages.”

The PKCS#7 padding scheme will append the number of bytes of padding to the end of the block. I use the pwntools pack() function to pack the number of padding bytes.

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Matasano Crypto Challenges, Set 1

Challenge 1.1 Convert hex to base64

The first challenge is pretty straightforward, using python’s built-in functions or pwntools, as I use heavily in these challenges.

The functions a2b_hex, unhexlify, and ''.decode("hex") all do the same thing. They take in an ascii string of the form “[0-9a-f]*” and decode it. The string decodes to
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom. We can then use binascii.b2a_base64() to convert the byte string to a base64 representation.

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NSA Cybersprint 2015

This is my first writeup, written in 2015 in Word and back-dated

Last weekend, I took to some haxxoring in the NSA Cybersprint Competition, a Capture-The-Flag that took place on a simulated corporate network infrastructure.

Here’s what it was like.

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